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Blast Hole Tooling

Drill Pipe Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing quality Blast Hole Tools.

Knowing that the In-Hole tooling takes the brunt of this fast and grueling drilling operation, it must lead the way with performance and durability.

DPI’s considerable knowledge of the adverse conditions and challenges that Blast Hole Tooling must endure is the blueprint we use to design and manufacture the best Blast Hole Tools in the industry.

We use Premium-Quality Heat Treated Alloy Steel to craft our tooling. DPI’s expert operators use CNC Machining Centers to deliver precision-cut threads, and offer both Integral and Welded Products.

DPI is an expert in employing the appropriate heat treatment and wear surface technology to critical areas on the tooling where stress and wear must be overcome.

Blast Hole Tools must be matched to the drilling environment to maximize their performance – it’s not all the same. We look forward to being a key part of delivering your best drilling solutions.