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DPI offers both Ribbed and Smooth Stabilizers. They are offered in both Integral and Fabricated Design.

Integral Stabilizers are manufactured with 4140 Q&T or 4145 Q&T Bar, trepanned to the specified ID.

Fabricated Stabilizers are manufactured with A106B Seamless Carbon Tubes, and 4140 Q&T Tool Joints.

They are offered with or without Fishing Necks, and with or without Break-Out Flats. Mud Breakers are also offered on Stabilizers with Fishing Necks. Float Bores are also available.

We offer Straight and Spiraled Weld-On Ribs, and Straight and Spiraled Integral Ribs.

Straight Ribbed StabilizerSpiral Rib Stabilizer
Integral Spiral Rib