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Sonic Drilling

Drill Pipe Inc. is the first company in the USA to manufacture a complete line of Sonic In-Hole tools.

From the beginning of the US Sonic era in 1990, Drill Pipe Inc. has worked hand-in-hand with the Sonic Community to drive innovation with marked improvements in tooling performance and longevity. DPI has accomplished this by listening to our customers and applying sound manufacturing processes, together with appropriate use of materials and technology.

Significant tooling advancements have been accomplished which have supported the evolution, and maturation of Sonic Drilling as a viable technology, and allowed it to grow into multiple industries, including Environmental, Civil Construction, Mining, and Geothermal.

Today, DPI continues with our efforts to improve and enhance our sonic In-Hole Tools. We employ substantial engineering resources and manufacturing technology to deliver products that provide an edge in quality and performance.

DPI Sonic Tooling is manufactured from carefully selected alloy steel, which is matched metallurgically to maximize the enhancement of the heat treatment processes, thus delivering optimal strength and durability.

We utilize API Drill Pipe Manufacturing processes, the same processes and quality controls utilized to manufacture Oil and Gas Drill Pipe, which advances to thousands of feet in depth.

The manufacturing formula that we ultimately utilize is multi-faceted. It leverages our team’s experience, close attention to customer feedback, advanced inertia welding technology, upsetting capability, and expertise in enhancement via heat treatment, to increase the tensile and yield strength of the tool joint, thus delivering the industry’s finest In-Hole-Tools.

To finish the products, we employ highly skilled machinists, coupled with the latest in CNC machining centers, to complete the profiling and threading process. This precision ensures that the tooling joint makes up and breaks out exactly to the thread design.

The Sonic Drilling product range is a key facet of our business and DPI’s production plant is designed around the efficient manufacture of this product line.