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Lowering and Hoisting

DPI manufactures hoist bails with box threads as pictured, or hoisting plugs with a pin connection.

Manufactured with H90 thread profile or alternative threads to customer specification.

4 1/2″ Hoist Bail

Hoisting Plug Pin Thread
2 3/8 IF RH Drill Rod
3 1/2 H 90 Drill Rod
5 7/8 RH Casing
7 5/8 RH Casing


Sonic Fixed Lifting Bail and Rod Plugs – H 90 thread

Fixed Bail Hoisting Plug3 1/2H90
Fixed Bail Hoisting Plug5 7/8H90
Fixed Bail Hoisting Plug7 5/8H90
Fixed Bail Hoisting Plug8 5/8H90
Rod Plug3 1/2H90
Rod Plug5 7/8H90
Rod Plug7 5/8H90