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Core Barrel and Casing Bits

DPI manufactures Sonic Bits that are produced utilizing a High Grade Heat Treated Alloy Bit Body with Tungsten Carbide Buttons. Our offering includes a complete range of Bits for all Core Barrels and Casing sizes.

DPI has worked with the Sonic Drilling contractors to develop a variety of the most effective designs to choose from:

  • Full Face Displacement Bits
  • Standard Core Barrel Bits
  • Core Barrel Bits with Core Scratchers
  • Tungsten Carbide Hard Faced Shoes
  • Mill Tooth Shoes
  • Slim Hole Casing Bits
  • Crowd Out Core Barrel Bits
  • Core Barrel Bits w/ Hinged Core Catchers
  • Core Barrel Auger Bits

A complete range of Carbide Buttons with a variety of both button profiles and size are available to match your geology and application.