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Helical Anchors

New foundations do not have to be a nuisance!  Use our helical piles/anchors for a strong, durable, cost efficient deep foundation system.

DPI designs and manufactures helical piles/anchors.  A helical pile/anchor is a deep foundation system that have helical bearing plates welded to a central steel shaft. The helical consists of the shaft and bearing plates.  The bearing plate, or “helix”, screw into the deep foundation soil, with minimal soil disturbance.  The helix’s are spaced independently of each other, so each plate is functioning at its own capacity.

Drill Pipe Inc.’s anchors have proven to have load ranges between 60-450 tons per anchor.  This is 7.5 times industry standard for capacity ranges!

Our helical piles/anchors gives you a greater performance of concrete, without the disadvantages of concrete.  Drill Pipe Inc.’s product can support any load or application, with a fast and efficient installation process.  By using our piles, you will reduce installation costs. This product has become the industries “go-to” for contractors, engineers, and builders.

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