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Drill Pipe – Sonic Drilling

DPI’s history with Sonic Drill Pipe has seen significant refinements, in both the process of manufacturing this drill pipe, and in the field performance of the pipe itself. DPI has worked closely with the Sonic Drilling community to improve both the Pipe’s durability and performance.

DPI has led the way as both a market leader and innovator, making good use of the past 23 years through applied technology to deliver a better Drill Pipe.  We have had the opportunity to understand the abusive harmonic wave that is a force that needs to be overcome. This has been a continuous process of improvement, one building block after another, and is still ongoing today.

We have brought to bear the benefits of internal upsetting, advanced inertia weld technology, the latest science in heat treatment technology, and quality control that has evolved to encompass subtle refinements in the pipe.

The present form of enhanced tool joint, Inertia Welded Sonic Pipe has proven itself to be the most reliable, durable, and longest-lasting product in the industry.

Internal Upset Drill Pipe

Submerged Arc Drill Pipe

Forged Integral Drill Pipe